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72 "Vantage Snowblower

72 "Vantage Snowblower

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72 "Vantage Snowblower

VU, Vantage 72 “Berco snowblower Requires 2” towing ball and 1000lbs winch on the VU

  • Universal installation
    • Installs in less than 5 minutes: The attachment system goes under the vehicle, up to the rear and attaches to the tow bar. The chassis length is adjustable depending on the vehicle. Then the system is fixed on the front axle using chains.
  • Performance
    • Choice of engine between Honda 22cv and Kohler 25 hp, both with electric starter
    • Extra heavy duty gearbox ensures performance in all types of snow and requires no maintenance
    • Powerful serrated screw easily slices snow, even hardened snow
    • 4-bladed fan, rotates at high speed which allows to propel the snow at impressive distances.
    • Electromagnetic clutch, for an immediate start and stop of the snowblower
    • EPA certified
  • Controls at your fingertips
    • Electrical controls of the rotation of the chute and the adjustment of the deflector
    • Clutch
    • Emergency switch
    • Engine accelerator
    • Electric lift (uses the winch of the vehicle)

A chassis extension is required when the most advanced measurement of the vehicle to the towball is longer than 111 ” , does not install if the dimension exceeds 143″

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