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Berco Universal 60 "Rotary Broom

Berco Universal 60 "Rotary Broom

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360 Yield Center
Berco Universal 60 "Rotary Broom

Facilitates cleaning throughout the year

  • Universal and simplified installation
    • Pre-assembled at the factory for quick use in a snap
    • In use installs in less than 5 minutes on most brands of ATVs and VUs
  • Requires
    • Universal chassis 700855
    • 2 “trailer ball and winch of 1000 lbs and over
  • Electric lift (winch of the vehicle)
    • Press the switch
    • Includes limit switch (factory installed) to prevent breakage of the vehicle
  • Electrical checks
    • Simple and safe, activates from the driver’s seat
    • One connector for quick and easy connection
    • Integrated intelligent starter module that prevents starting if the blade is not fully disengaged.
    • Included an emergency switch with cord.
    • If desired, the unit is ready to receive electrical angulation (available as an option) for instant installation.
  • Durability
    • Brush made of polypropylene, ensuring long durability
    • Baked powder paint
  • Interchangeable accessory
    • The same subframe allows the installation of the snowblower.

An extension of the chassis is required when starting from the most advanced point to the towing ball, the measurement is longer than 99 “and   can not be installed on vehicles over 140”.

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